Closing the Chapter

I've been remiss in posting anything lately. There really isn't any reason why. Perhaps I've been feeling so good that I didn't what to relive any of the pain from the past. However, now that I am feeling like my new self, I have a motivation to move forward with revised enthusiasm. What I will say... [More]

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A Month into Recovery

A few weeks have passed since I last wrote anything. A month of recovery that has been more difficult than I envisioned. I imagine some people have an easier time recovering from surgery than others. I am not one of the others. [More]


Day 14: Time to Leave the Mayo and Return Home

My surgery on was Thursday, October 14, 2010. Surprisingly, I was asked to leave the hospital on Sunday, October 17, 2010. That is not a typo. I was shocked when my doctor recommended that I discharge as early as three days after surgery, especially since my post-surgery pain had barely begun to be ... [More]

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Day of Surgery: A Retrospective on To Kill a Gremlin

These past few days have been a blur and a lifetime in one. So much has transpired in and out of my body. So many people have been involved in this eloquent orchestration of my body. How I’m able to sit here and express my thoughts right now amazes me. [More]

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Mayo Post-Surgery Quick Update

I wanted to take a few moments and post a quick update. Things are going well right now. The past few days have been filled with many highs and lows, peaks and valleys, good times and bad times. [More]

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Today's the Day!

Heads up, this is Sadi writing. Sorry, I'm not the writer that Kindler is. We got to the hospital this morning at 5:45, after getting him his bracelet and changed into his gown they took him away. They started his surgery at 8:59 am. We just received the first update and Dr. Reid Lombardo said, "... [More]


The Last Supper

Try not to take the title of this post too seriously. If you have, you’re probably taking yourself too seriously to begin with. We have been jokingly calling tonight my last supper. All in good spirits. [More]

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Day 5: Meet the Entourage

I just posted about Sadi and I meeting with Dr. Reid Lombardo and her entourage. Yes, she has an entourage. Who knew that surgeons traveled in packs like Hollywood stars? I think I even saw Turtle in the bunch. I'm sure my imagination runs a bit wild at times, but this was by far one of the more fas... [More]

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Surgery Date Scheduled for Thursday, October 14th

Sadi and I just meet with Dr. Reid Lombardo and her entourage. The charismatic doctor was able to finesse, finagle and schmooze the other surgeons to join her on our date for this upcoming Thursday, October 14, 2010, first thing in the morning. [More]

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Help Teddy Buy My Tumor

My friend Teddy Spittal of wants to buy my tumor; apparently he wants one of his own. [More]

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