Day 3: Consults with the Surgeons and a New Twist

Today was a day of meetings. No poking. No proding. No sticking. This could have been any other workday if we’d substituted the clinical setting with a cubical setting. That would be a bit weird, though. [More]

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Day 2: Initial Testing at the Mayo

The first thing I realized when checking in to the Mayo is how incredibly well organized they are. The staff are genuinely friendly; from check-in to phlebotomy to MRI and all the technicians poking and proding me in between. With so many patients, you'd think they would be treating us like cattle, ... [More]

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Day 1: On the road to the Mayo

After what’s felt like years of waiting, we’re finally on the road. Ironically, the last 2-3 days have felt like a few seconds; a rush of last-minute logistics, a wave of calls; a blur of time. [More]

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We have a NEW plan for surgery

We received a phone call this afternoon that my surgery has been postponed from October 8th to as late as October 15th. Perhaps postponed is a poor choice words. I’ll still be leaving October 5th and check-in on the 6th for what’s sure to be the first of many pokes, prodes, sticks and... [More]


Have you seen the Beauty?

I've had a bit of time to reflect on my recent posts and realized they have been on the negative side. Sometimes recent events feel unfair. Sometimes I just need to vent. What I have been unable to fully express, or even attempt to express, is... [More]

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Have Insurance? Doesn't Matter.

I realize that some people who have read my story and have seen the donations page may be asking: "Why would I donate?" [More]

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Whole Foods is NOT Nice

Sadi has been working with Whole Foods for almost 2 years now. During that time she is the only employee in Prepared Foods to ever receive a 100% from a secret shopper. Not once, but twice! I have to acknowledge that she has been written up, though... she was late for work by exactly 1 minute (you r... [More]

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Time Better Spent

The last time I posted, I had been in the middle of quite a bit of contemplation. The whys. The ifs. Energy spent on thoughts I'd rather not be a part of. [More]


Thinking of Whats to Come

As the surgery date approaches, I have been thinking about the obscene amount entrails that will be displaced by the surgeon while carving out my tumor. And then there’s the whole deal with the tumor completely enveloping my vena cava like deep-fried corn on a hot-dog; that’s got to be like trying to scrape barnacles off a balloon. [More]

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We have a plan for Surgery

After talking with many people, we’ve made the decision to have my surgery performed at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota the first week of [More]

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